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To contact WSK, please send an email to the appropriate address.

The addresses here must have the verbal description of characters or symbols replaced by the actual character or symbol. Do not leave spaces between any symbols, characters or letters. This is to minimize spamming.

wsk(the 'hyphen' character)vendors(the 'at' symbol)westernseakayakers(the dot symbol)org

Vendors of kayak-related products and services can submit notices of sales, events, classes and information.
The Vendors section of the WSK Forum is fully moderated; your notice may be edited by the moderator prior to posting.You will receive an e-mail copy of the information posted.

wsk(the hyphen')help(the 'at)westernseakayakers(the dot character)org

This can be used for questions about membership; problems with Forum access; if you're already a member, to ask to have your password reset; or other general queries.

You can also write to us at:

Western Sea Kayakers
P.O. Box 1531
Mountain View, CA 94042-1531

Feel free to come to one of our WSK Meetings. Newcomers are always welcome.