Seals, Otters and Birds, Oh My!

Elkhorn Slough

Author: Ross Millikan

Steve, Lucy, Jane, Kim, Laurie, Andy, and my nephew Scott joined me for a paddle up Elkhorn Slough. We launched at 10 as planned, just after the low tide. This was a group on a mission.

Even though the seals and otters were playing everywhere, we stayed close together and made Kirby Park in an hour and twenty minutes. Birds were relatively scarce. As it was still early, we paddled another mile up the slough, then returned at noon for lunch. Landing at +1 foot tide was a challenge due to rocks, but we found a small spot right of the launch ramp that didn't scratch things up too much-advantage plastic boats.

After lunch, the return was equally fast. I saw some red-breasted mergansers in beautiful breeding plumage.