Eagle Watch Paddle

Lake San Antonio

Author: Buck Johnson

The ninth annual Lake San Antonio Eagle Watch Paddle was a success -- everyone who paddled made it back to shore and we saw at least one eagle.

Although the weather predictions were dire, 23 people decided that there was no better place to spend a rainy weekend than with friends in trailers at Lake San Antonio. Folks arrived throughout the afternoon and evening on Friday and a pseudo-impromptu pot luck feast occurred.

On Saturday morning, Cass and Tammy made scrambled eggs and sausage.

The paddle on Saturday was beautiful. The sun was shining and the wind was low (until the trip back), we paddled the south end of the lake exploring coves and a creek channel. At lunch we split into 2 pods, one heading back while the other group lunched on a sandy spit of land. During lunch a squall came down the lake, hugging the far shore a few hundred yards away. We could see and hear the rain whipping up the surface of the lake as the front passed through. All the while we were in the sun enjoying the show. Lots of rainbows were seen.

Saturday night was another pot luck, this time with a Mardi Gras theme. The food was unbelievable! Breakfast on Sunday morning was pancakes provided by Richard and Joy.

All in all a very successful Eagle Watch trip!