A Fabulous Day on the Bay

Sausalito to Angel Island

Author: Jie Jiang

It was a fabulous day on the Bay - sunny and warm, light wind, and mild current. Twelve paddlers enjoyed a leisurely paddle from Sea Trek and across Raccoon Strait to Angel Island. It was the first time on the SF Bay for Alyssa who is a kayak instructor/guide from Seattle.

After regrouping briefly at West Garrison, we continued on around the island in counter-clockwise direction. A few of us paddled inside to explore the rocky features near Pt Blunt. Jie even contemplated running a slot with shallow reefs, but eventually made the sensible decision not to risk Keith's $4000 kevlar P&H Cetus LV.

After a relaxing lunch break at Ayala Cove, the group went for a short hike to a viewpoint above the bluff with spectacular view of the SF Bay. The paddle back was easy and uneventful. Keith swapped boats with Andy, in an attempt to convince him that the P&H Cetus handles just as well as the Romany or Avocet - Andy seemed impressed.

After the paddle, some of us retreated to the Paradise Bay in Sausalito - wonderful view, wonderful beer, wonderful food, and wonderful company - what else can you ask for?